Technical Data Sheets

PRO-TEK WPC engineered vinyl flooring is manufactured to our own specification and offers a thicker, stronger WPC construction. To produce a premium product, we have conducted more tests on our floors, using independent third-party ISO accredited laboratories. Our Data Sheets are in the process of being updated - if you would like a pdf sent to you please contact us at

At its manufacturing facilities, PRO-TEK™ employs a full-time resident inspector to oversee the whole production process, from start to finish, ensuring that PRO-TEK™ WPC is a problem-free premium product.

Once produced, the flooring and its packaging is inspected a second time by a senior inspector. This process is filmed, with footage sent directly to the PRO-TEK™ management inspection team for further close examination. Samples are randomly selected and sent to an ISO accredited laboratory for further comprehensive testing. Once all of these procedures have been carried out, and their findings approved, PRO-TEK™ WPC flooring is then released, ready for distribution to customers around the world.